Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweater Love

What a great day I had yesterday, photographing the lovely Michelle, who modeled some of our new handmade sweater designs. I love these sweaters because they're very comfortable and so versatile.  Shown here is essentially the same sweater in different lengths and necklines.  

Currently, we offer a ballet scoop neck, a cowl (shown in this previous post) and a hoodie.  Any sweater can be made into a dress or tunic, too! 

Michelle and I went to Tumwater Falls for our shoot, and it was a beautiful, sunny day.  We had a great time, and I'm so happy with how the pictures turned out. 

This particular dress is available for purchase now in our online shop.


  1. Looks fabulous... the clothes, the model and the location!

  2. Just gorgeous! I love the colourways you are working with
    : )