Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We've been working hard on perfecting our techniques for dyeing our lovely wool fabric.  The dyes that we've been using are absolutely gorgeous, but they yeild a color that is a little bit too primary for our liking.  As a small pop of color, the brightness is perfect, but on a whole garment the effect is overwhelming.  So I went to work mixing my own colors and have come up with a nice, earthy pallette.  But what to do with all of the lovely primaries that we have?

I am a huge fan of accessories, and I started thinking about what I would love to have for chilly spring days.  Arm warmers are a favorite for me.  I like to wear them running because even though my core gets warm, my arms and hands are still cold.  But they're also great as a fashion accessory, and a really nice way to get those sleeveless garments out of the closet just a little bit earlier in the season.  So I played around with pattern and texture and came up with these lovelies.  Now available in our shops and with more colors coming soon!

Happy Spring, everyone!

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